Do you think of fur gilets only as a cold-weather accessory? Think again! Styled right, you can wear furs all year long. Here’s how to incorporate fur into your wardrobe from season to season.

Furs in SpringFur Gilet
The spring months are known for up and down weather that’s warm one day and blustery the next. In fact, in just one day, the weather can go from hot to cold and then back again. Prepare for these ever-changing conditions with a fur wrap. Sling the wrap over your shoulders when the breezes start to blow, and unwrap yourself again when the temperatures warm up.

Long fur gilets are another good way to layer on spring days. Start the season with long-sleeved shirts and gilets, and as the days start to warm, transition to three-quarter-length or short-sleeved tops. No matter your sleeve length, the gilet will polish off your outfit with a touch of elegance.

Furs in Summer
As the mercury rises, there’s no need to put away your fur entirely. Instead, trade your heavier fur pieces for lighter accessories. Think headbands and bauble keychains. These classy accessories allow you to keep a touch of soft fur in your look without worrying about overheating.

Of course, there are always cooler summer evenings. These present the ideal opportunity to wear a light . Pair it with a skirt and a sleeveless top for just the right mix of summer style and evening warmth.

Furs in Autumn
As the temperatures turn cooler again in autumn, layer on a fur poncho. With or without pom poms, a plush poncho gives the wearer a warm extra layer without the bulk of a heavy coat. The warmth of the fur will keep you comfortable even on a hike to see autumn leaves or while sitting outdoors for a morning coffee break.

Autumn is also just the right time for a hooded fur gilet. Match it with skinny jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. This cozy look works for both casual weekend breakfasts and classy date nights. If you’re heading outside, lift the hood over your head to block a chilly wind, and pull it back down once you’ve warmed up.

Furs in Winter
Of course, fur was practically made for winter, and it’s a material that works not only for coats but also accessories. For both indoor or outdoor wear on a chilly winter day, bundle up with a fur scarf. That way, the silky soft of the fur material will sit right against your neck so you feel it all day long.

Cozy stocking caps with fur accents are another way to bundle up on a cold day. The knit material will keep your ears and head warm, and the fur puff will maintain the attractiveness of your look.

Which is your favorite season in which to wear fur? Can’t decide? Don’t worry: spring, summer, winter and fall, fur is an in-season look that finishes off any outfit.

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