Shearling GiletA Shearling Gilet can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only are they stylish, but they can also keep you warm in the colder months. Some people look at them and struggle to think how they can wear them in a fashionable way for, say, work or a night out. We will take a look at some great ways that you can wear the versatile Toscana gilet so that you can always be fashionable.

For Work

Most people do not realize that the sheepskin gilet is a great option to consider for work. With a dress shirt underneath it and a pair of smart trousers, this versatile piece of your wardrobe will take you to the next level while keeping you warm at all times. Because it is durable, you also do not need to worry about it too much, allowing you to focus on your job. The many sizes available also allow you to select an option that fits perfectly.

A Night Out

If you are planning a fun night out and want to bring a touch of glamour to your look, turning to a Toscana gilet can be the perfect option. These gilets come in many different colors, including a steely blue that will catch all eyes. With the soft, silky fur that gleams under lights, pairing this option with a beautiful dress shirt and long, flowing skirt can be perfect. If you want something even more fun, try it with a mini skirt or pencil skirt.

For Winter Outings

Although the sheepskin gilet looks light, it can keep you toasty warm even on the coldest nights. The inside is all fur, so that not only will it keep you warm, but it also gives you the option of wearing it inside out. The design is made to be reversible, giving you even more options as to how you want to wear it. Pair it with a sweater, and you will not feel even a little bit of cold while you look stunning. And, for a more exotic, eye-catching option, reverse it.

You can wear the shearling gilet in all of these ways. It is a highly versatile piece of clothing that should be a wardrobe essential. Why should you look frumpy in winter when you can stay warm and look great with these? With its luxurious fur and excellent manufacture, this is a piece of clothing that you will turn to again and again.

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