You can bring a bit of natural beauty into your home by including cowhide rugs in your décor. The hide colors and patterns provide you with an abundance of choices. These rugs have been chromium-tanned to assure a quality and durability status that makes them a timeless accessory for your home.

Cowhide rugs are available in extensive color and pattern variations. Black and white, white and grey and any of the single-color cowhides would beautifully complement a modern, elegant or sophisticated décor. Black and white reddish cowhides, brindle cowhides and speckled cowhides would be an attractive statement piece in a rustic, eclectic, transitional or casual décor. Pale cowhides exude serenity and would be ideal for a nursery or bedroom, although they are certainly not limited to those areas. Patchwork cowhides would be a unique accessory in your home. Patchwork cowhides are a perfect enhancement to a contemporary décor. They can be included in a variety of decors. Tri-color cowhides could be considered the ultimate in beauty and uniqueness.

While cowhides are magnificent in their natural state, there are some special treatments that can be done to create a different cowhide rug design. Metallic cowhides have a touch of glamor to them. They can beautifully accessorize many different décor styles. They can be placed in a child’s room to add a touch of whimsy or energizing sparkle to the room. A metallic cowhide placed directly under a shimmering chandelier can create a regal atmosphere that’s perfect for an elegant living area, a luxurious master bedroom or bath or a prestigious foyer. Another variety of cowhide rug is the zebra print cowhide. Zebra print cowhides are a fantastic addition to a modern décor or exotic décor. They can be a fun decorative and functional addition to a child’s room.

Decorating a home involves making a lot of décor and design decisions. It’s always great to find an accessory you like that’s available in a variety of sizes. Cowhides offer that variety. You can select a large rug to use as a focal point in a living room. A large rug placed in the middle of a seating arrangement helps unify the space. Large cowhides can also be used as a bed covering. Medium size or small cowhide rugs can be used in numerous ways. In addition to being placed on the floor, small or medium cowhides can be hung on a wall or draped across the top of a chest or accent table.

Cowhides are an affordable décor item. They are lightweight which means you can easily move them around as your furniture arrangement changes over time. These rugs can easily be cleaned with mild soap and a damp cloth. While they do not collect dust as many other rugs do, it is good to shake them out once a week. Including these pet-friendly, kid-friendly, hypo-allergenic rugs in your décor can eliminate the stress or discomfort you would feel with fragile rugs that are not compatible with an active family.

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