The world of nature is one that has many delights. People seek inspiration in nature when it comes to decorating their homes. Using natural materials offers many advantages. Natural materials are strong, do not give off harmful fumes and will age well. This is particularly true of rugs. Rugs made using age old traditions look great when new and look even better as they age. Today, more people than ever before are discovering how a natural tribal rug can be the perfect thing to add to any room. Such rugs have colors that blend in well with any decor. Each one has been carefully hand woven by residents of the Atlas mountains of Northern Africa.

Bringing Nature Inside

A Beni Ourain rug is one that has been made from the finest quality wool. Wool is a truly material that has many important uses. Wool is warm, soft and extremely durable. A rug made of wool is one has been created from a renewable resource that people have been relying on for thousands of years. Today, this material is even more popular. A tribal rug is made from one hundred percent pure wool that has been harvested from local animals. After that, the wool is spun and then turned into a beautiful rug. A Beni Ourain rug is one with designs that call nature to mind with subtle and elegant patterns. Each rug has a design that is different and is completely unique, making each rug a one-of-a-kind original. This allows the buyer to bring an element of the natural world directly into their home.

Lively Texture

Another important element of the natural world is texture. Texture can be seen everywhere people look. The same is true of tribal rugs. These rugs offer a texture that immediately stands out the second any user places their feet or hands on them. Just as petting an dog or stroking a leaf can be an intensely satisfying textural experience, the same is true of touching a rug of this kind. Unlike other rugs that are often flat, the fibers of the Beni Ourain rugs immediately jump out, creating a three dimensional look that helps bring the entire room to life.

Historic Roots

As many people have discovered over the years, these kinds of rugs also offer an authentic element. All such rugs draw on the history of the Moroccan region, allowing any buyer to confidently decorate their home with items that have been in style for many hundreds of years. A natural look is one that is all about such history. These rugs call to the fascinating history of Morocco where the ancient and the modern continue to blend to form a vibrant and fascinating culture. Today’s buyer can simply reach out and find a rug that will bring this area into their home without the need to leave their home. Using tribal rugs means tapping into a deep historical culture that is all about being in direct tune with nature in the home.

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