Moroccan Berber RugsThe world is in love with the soft and luxurious Beni Ourain rugs.  They have become very popular with companies and individuals trying to get quality rugs for their home or business.  These rugs are in high demand around the world because of their quality and what they bring to any space where they are located.

Located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco are the Beni-Ourain people.  There are over 16 different tribes in this area of Morocco.  These tribes have been goat herders and shepherds for centuries.  The Beni-Ourain tribes will move their herds to different areas of the Atlas mountains for grazing.  All of these tribes make rugs that seem similar.  These rugs are known as Beni Ourain rugs.  There are only small differences between the different tribes rugs when is comes to color and design.  Some tribes may use a natural dye, and others will not use any dye.  One of the major contributing factors that makes these rugs such high quality is the fine wool that is produced by the sheep living in this mountain area.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Beni Ourain rugs is how they are hand-woven.  This is a very valued skill that is passed from a mother to her daughters.  The rug’s designs reflect the life of the rug weaver.  These designs show common life occurrences as well as important events.  This could include such themes as religious beliefs, births, nature, rural life and more.  Some of the women who weave the rugs believe they can be used as a barrier to keep out evil spirits.  That’s why some of the rugs will have lucky symbols and more.  The rug’s design details can also be used to tell the story of tribal members.  They can show many things about their culture in the Atlas Mountains.

Beni Ourains are now known as rugs.  Traditionally, they were made to be used as bedspreads, blankets but not as rugs.  The loose structure of these rugs is designed to make it conform to the contours of a person’s body.  The pile is thick and soft.  They are made without the use of predetermined patterns.  The knots are tied using a very unique method.  All of the elements used to create Beni Ourain rugs ensures that no two are alike.  There are Beni Ourain rugs labeled as being made in the Moroccan style.  They are made to imitate the original rug style.

The Beni Ourain rugs have been popular with well-known designers and architects.  The famous names who preferred these types of rugs are impressive.  They include Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Eames, Ame, Jacobsen, Alvar Allto and more.  There was a time when shag carpets were popular.  Ben Ourains were introduced as sophisticated shag carpeting.  The intricate nature of their creation made Ben Ourains a popular choice.  They were considered a big step above any type of shag rug.

The uniqueness of design.  This is one of the many benefits people experience when they have a Ben Ourain rug.  They are stunning to look at, and each one has something unique that an owner wants to have in their home or business.  In many cases, they are able to be used as a focal point for interior design.

People purchase a Beni Ourain and use them in a variety of ways.  They often function as rugs as well as unique wall-hangings, hallway runners, a framed piece of art and more.  Hanging a Beni Ourain on a wall is a way to avoid it getting worn.  The glass of a frame can keep it safe from damage for years.  Beni Ourain rugs can also provide a smooth and gentle surface for bare feet. To see a wide selection of Berber rugs visit our website.

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