Cowhide FootstoolIf you are looking for a unique way to jazz up a room, look no further than cowhide footstools. You may have seen animal hide rugs and throws, but take it one step further by incorporating this style into the actual furniture itself. Here are just a few benefits of putting a cowhide stool in your home.


Even if you have to avoid all other types of fur and hair in your home due to allergies, that is not a concern when it comes to cowhide. The finished product is naturally hypo-allergenic, so you don’t have to worry if your family members or guests are extremely sensitive.


When it comes to footstools, you need something that can hold its own against dirt, wear, and tear. Cowhide footstools always rank at the top of the durability list. Not only are they extremely simple to clean, they actually improve with age. Much like a fine leather, the cowhide won’t tear, become discolored, or lose its luster. It will only become softer and more inviting with each use. Don’t be afraid to use this beautiful piece of furniture for its intended purpose!

To clean the cowhide footstool, all you need is a washcloth and warm water to dab up any mess. It will come up easier than you will expect. For those extra messy spills, mild detergent can be used without causing any damage to the natural beauty of the cowhide.

A cowhide footstool will add an element of timelessness to whatever room it is placed in. Because it is a material that has been so widely used for such a long time, it has connections to history. However, its updated use in a footstool was not its original purpose years before. The two stories are woven together to create a unique timeless piece of usable art that is subtle enough to not be the focal point but beautiful enough to be noticed.

Beautiful and Versatile

It’s timeless beauty is also what allows cowhide footstools to be versatile. They will go perfectly in a living or family room, but it would also flow elegantly into a more formal sitting room. You could even incorporate it into a child’s nursery without it looking the least bit out of place. Get creative in how you utilize your cowhide footstool, and don’t limit yourself. This is not a piece of furniture that should sit in the corner; it should be enjoyed by family and guests regularly.

Even if you have never owned any sort of hide before, a cowhide footstool will add a touch of elegance and comfort in a way that you wouldn’t imagine.

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