Rugs made from natural cowhide are becoming more and more popular as a floor or wall covering.  Available in hundreds of different styles, shapes, and colors, these scuff-resistant, long-lasting products cater to both conservative and modern design tastes.  Cowhide is a fashionable alternative to the more commonly chosen textile floor coverings because they are simple to maintain, are lightweight and therefore easily moved about, and do not contain the harsh colouring agents used in fiber-based rugs and carpets.

Stunning Array Of Pattern Designs

Cowhide is easily coloured, and the natural variation of hues from one animal hide to the next means a never-ending source of design ideas.  Patchwork rugs made from premium-quality cowhide are among the most popular.  These can be made up of squares that are separated by light or dark pieces of hide.  Animal print designs such as the zebra cowhide rug are equally popular.  Many of the colors available are actually natural tones that have been enhanced with soft color agents that are not harmful to humans or pets.  Best of all, cowhide retains its color for decades without fading.

Safe And Hypo-Allergenic

Cowhide is among the least likely animal product to cause allergic skin reactions.  The natural oils contained in the hide are very gentle and do not attract bacteria or other harmful organisms.  When properly washed and tanned prior to final manufacturing of the product, cowhide is perhaps the safest animal material used for home decoration.  Cowhide does not absorb organically-laced liquids very well, meaning that it is highly unlikely that the rug will ever mold or mildew.

Versatility In Home Design

Cowhide rugs are not limited to use as a floor covering.  Many of the available design shapes and color tones are perfect for use as a recliner or sofa cover throw, and they are lightweight enough to hang on the wall.  Because of the incredible number of tone combinations, they are the perfect accent for stone, brick, wood-panel, or textured walls.  Some people prefer black-white pattern rugs with animal print designs.  Others favor the natural brown-and-red tone combinations.  Whatever the taste in interior decoration and floor/wall accents, there is a beautifully designed cowhide rug that fits the bill.

Easy To Maintain

Cowhide rugs need no specialized cleaning process.  They accumulate dust very slowly, and the finishing/tanning process closes most of the tiny pores.  This means very little cleaning is required on the part of the owner.  A simple shaking out is all the maintenance needed.  Should a liquid spill occur, spot-cleaning is a cinch.  A touch of warm water and a soft rag will take care of the problem immediately.

Affordable Luxury

Faux cowhide rugs are not as flexible or soft, and they do not stand up to the effects of sunlight and foot traffic.  At the same time, these fakes often cost as much as natural cowhide.  Because they are long-lasting and do not require costly cleaning, the genuine article is a much better investment than most artificial animal hide rugs.

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