Sheepskin rugSheepskin rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they are beautiful, durable additions in any home.  Before you dismiss them because you think they need special care, know that they are extremely easy to care for and naturally resist dirt and germs.

Sheepskin rugs are beautiful and durable.  Their furry softness feels great on the feet, and kids love to snuggle up on them.  If you don’t have a space where one works well on the floor, you could also hang it as an accent piece on your wall.  They make great wall hangings that are easy to care for, and they are quite durable.  A sheepskin rug can last years, outlasting most manmade rugs.

Many people think that because it is an animal hide, a sheepskin rug would require a lot of special, expensive care. However, just the opposite is true.  Sheepskin rugs are very easy to care for.  Sheepskin has lanolin, which is a natural waxy substance that is water and dirt resistant.  Most dirt will easily brush off the rug, but if you think it needs a deeper cleaning you can throw it into the laundry machine.  Be sure to air dry only though, because sheepskin should not go into the dryer.  If the rug starts to look a little matted, gentle brushing with a wire brush will keep it looking fluffy.  Another bonus is that you really should rarely vacuum a sheepskin rug.  Having one less reason to turn on the vacuum is always a good thing!

If you are looking to use natural products in your home, sheep skin is a great option.  It is made using significantly less chemicals than conventionally made rugs.  No dyes nor fire retardants are used in making a sheepskin rugs, which is particularly important for people who may be allergic to these products.  Also, sheepskin is thick with a hide backing, so you don’t need a rubber pad to thicken it or keep it from slipping.  It is one less product you need to buy, and it keep synthetics out of the home.

If you do have kids and/or pets that will be playing or lying on the rug, you can be assured they are on a healthy, natural surface.  Because of the lanolin it contains, sheepskin naturally repels bacteria.  It will also wick moisture away from the skin, keeping sweat away from the body.  Finally, it is super comfortable for anyone, because, unlike traditional carpeting and rugs, it won’t transfer static electric shocks.

You can use these rugs in so many ways in the home: the bathroom, living rooms, bedrooms, or on the walls.  With such an easy to care for, versatile product, you are sure to find a great use for a sheepskin rug in your house.

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