When it comes to selecting the perfect cowhide rug, there are some points to consider before buying. Since this type of rug is used as an accessory piece in a room, the décor used for the room as well as the amount of floor space available, should be considered.

Choosing Rugs to Fit the Décor

Cowhide rugs are available in a lot of styles most people might not be aware of. In addition to the classic black and white print, this rug can also be found with geometric patterns in patchwork cowhides and metallic finishes.  The geometric patterns can work well in a room furnished with contemporary pieces. The diamond pattern of the black and white blocks can also be used to enhance an entryway or foyer.

Rugs created with the classic cow print pattern can be used as accent pieces in country cottages or as fun pieces in retro styled game rooms. The artistic side of these rugs can also be used to enhance a wall by hanging the piece rather than placing it on the floor.

The luxurious cowskin rugs have soft plush surfaces which can be used to accent a more formal space. This rug works well in a study, den or bedroom. The cowskin rugs with natural animal shapes can also be used to create a separate reading area inside a living room or family room.

The metallic rugs made from natural cow hide work well in a teen’s bedroom, children’s playroom or recreation room. The extra dazzle found in the surface of this rug can also be used to enhance rooms during the holidays or when a special celebration is going to be held.

Choosing Rugs to Fit the Space

The free form rugs with natural animal shapes can require extra floor space to accommodate the outstretched limbs. This area rug works well in central areas where it can fit between the sofa and the TV or fireplace. The fun metallic rugs also work well in larger spaces where they can be the centre of attention.

Patchwork and other pieced rugs come in different sizes so they can fit in both small and large areas. A smaller rug can be used in a bedroom where it can be placed either at the side of the bed or at the end. A smaller sized rug can also be used to create a separate play area inside a child’s bedroom where it could be placed in front of a toy box or set of shelves.

People who have allergies should consider the fact that the natural cowskin rugs are all hypoallergenic. This means they can be used in any room of the house without causing any distress to those who suffer from allergies.  To view any of City Cows cowhide rugs visit our website, where you can view a wide selection of natural, printed, metallic and zebra cowhide rugs.

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