Searching for a classy new look for your office or home? A patchwork cowhide rug can give your space  a style that is both bold and understated. Patchwork cowhide comes in a range of colors and patterns, from subtle browns and tans to dramatic, black and white geometric designs. There is a patchwork cowhide rug to match any décor – traditional or modern, casual or exotic.

What is Patchwork Cowhide?

Unlike leather, cowhide retains the hair and so gives items made with it a soft, animal-hide surface texture. Patchwork cowhide is made of small or large pieces of hide hand-stitched together. While traditional cowhide rugs only come in the size and shape of the original hide, patchwork cowhide rugs can come in any size or shape you choose. It also comes in a variety of patterns, just like a patchwork quilt: squares, diamonds, stripes – you name it.
The underside of patchwork cowhide rugs is generally left bare, so that it’s soft surface is against the floor. Because of the non-slip nature of the skin, a rug pad is not needed, though many people enjoy the cushy feel of an extra layer of padding.

Benefits of Patchwork Cowhide

If you are looking for a rug that is both luxurious and durable, you will want to explore the world of patchwork cowhide rugs. They are extremely long-lasting and resist staining, and will retain their pristine looks and resale value for many years, long enough to become family heirlooms. Patchwork cowhide rugs are also hypo-allergenic and easy to clean.
Patchwork cowhide combines luxury, high style, and practicality. What’s more, because every cow hide is unique, your rug won’t look like anyone else’s.

What to Look For When Shopping for Patchwork Cowhide

Because sometimes dyed rugs are a sign of an inferior quality hide, look for patchwork cowhide rugs in their natural colors: brown, beige, tan, black, gray, and white. Also look carefully at the quality of the hand-stitching; you don’t want your rug coming apart at the seams. Watch out for bare spots on the hide. A good quality rug should have a consistent amount of hair over the entire rug.

Caring for Your Patchwork Cowhide Rug

Regular maintenance will give your rug a long life. You can vacuum your rug just like a regular rug; just be sure to move in the direction of the hair. Spills should be cleaned up quickly, and, if necessary, washed with gentle soap and water, taking care not to leave the rug wet for long. Air your rug outside on sunny days and if you need to store it, roll it rather than fold it and keep it away from sunlight or damp places.

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