A zebra cowhide rug is an easy and powerful way to both combine eye-catching patterns with any interior design concept, or enhance the existing concepts of a given space. It is said no two zebras have the same stripe pattern, and this uniqueness is conveyed wonderfully by zebra cow hides. Stripes create the visual impression of more space, bringing the drama of palatial dimensions to even small rooms.

A zebra cow skin bespeaks versatility, complimenting other print schemes/patterns, and never competing, or overpowering. Sophisticated mixes of black and white impart elegance to surroundings, augmenting the appeal of any color palette, or tying together disparate palettes and creating unified, cohesive design themes. Add a professional design accent while expressing your own unique mixture of style, whether Safari Waking Up To City, or Jungle Meets Country. Introduce a fun zoo theme to nurseries or the playrooms of children.

Cowhide rugs are especially durable, capable of standing up to years of traffic without loosing shimmer or appeal. Entryways and foyers make for excellent locations upon which to lay a cowhide rug, announcing to all visitors a hint of boldness and eclecticism. The inherent hypo-allergenic nature of cowhide rugs eliminates the risk of provoking reactions.

Zebra cow skin translates well into any design statement, and always succinctly generates the sort of controlled visual excitement that enlivens any room:

  • Drape zebra cow skin over a sofa or ottoman for added textural elements
  • Situate cowskin rugs beneath any table to serve as a pattern-anchor
  • Layer over carpets or on a bare floor to soften any interior
  • Don’t forget to hang cowskin rugs on walls, as they increase depth and widen any scene

The superior resiliency of cowskin rugs lends them to a variety of uses and purposes. One never has to worry excessively about maintenance and upkeep, as the strength of cowskin rugs cured with the South American chromium process reinforces their sturdiness, giving them longevity. Zebra cowhide rugs are similar in this regard, with no risks of fading or thinning. And since zebra cow skin is perhaps the most longstanding, popular design trend ever, valued for its agelessness, an owner can enjoy one for decades. Like classic busts, zebra cowhide rugs can be passed down. Their price, significantly lower than other hides, makes them accessible to all consumers who want world class design accents in their homes.

Easy to care for and capable of withstanding decades of stress, a zebra cowhide rug is a timeless design winner. To view our full range of zebra cowhide rugs click here, or visit our website for further information.

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