Reindeer hides are beautiful, natural skins with earthy brown and grey colours, excellent insulative properties and a wonderful deep textured pile.  Besides making great floor rugs, they also make ideal sofa or chair throws and are great for snuggling under on a cold Winter’s evening.  Reindeer hides will work alongside most colour schemes as their colourings are neutral and earthy.

If you are looking for a natural sofa throw, then a reindeer hide rug may be the ideal solution for you.  When you drape them over the edge of a chair or a sofa they add natural texture and interest to the room.  Team them up with a wonderful cowhide cushion for dramatic effect and to add even more texture and natural colourings to a room.

In recent years reindeer skins have gained popularity in their use as a home decor accessory, although reindeer have been used by the Arctic people for many years as a source of food.  Many of the native Sami people keep herds of reindeer and will breed them every year for this purpose. The resulting reindeer skin is used as an additional source of income and will be professionally tanned and treated to ensure it is suitable for use as a home decoration accessory.  All of City Cows’ reindeer hides have been silicone treated so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Reindeer skins also make a great foot warmer for your bed, and will keep your toes and feet toasty during those cold Winter months.  We stock two sizes of reindeer rugs, large and extra large. The large rugs are suitable for draping over a chair or small sofa, wheras the extra large rugs are better suited to larger pieces of furniture such as your sofa or bed.

Our reindeer hides are currently on sale, with the large rugs starting at just £99.00. Prices for an extra large rug start at £139.00, and all products are shipped within one business day so there won’t be endless waiting for your new rug to arrive.

For product images and additional information you can view our reindeer rugs here.


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