Looking for something completely different which can be enjoyed guilt free?  Our zebra cowhide rugs offer the perfect solution for those who love the look of zebra hide but who want to enjoy their beautiful patterns with a crystal clear conscience.  Our zebra cowhides look fantastic in any contemporary living space, and look just like the real thing!

Our zebra cowhide rugs have been stencilled with a zebra pattern to give the appearance of a real zebra hide.  These cool and contemporary rugs look amazing on wooden and stone floors, or draped over the edge of a chair. Team them up with bold black and white blocks of colour or geometrical prints for a modern effect.

This seasons must have home decor accessory will add the ultimate wow factor to any room.  Team them up with a funky cowhide footstool, or animal print beanbag to complete the exotic look.  Our zebra print cowhide rugs are funky and just as with any regular cow skin rug are easy to care for; simply wipe away stains and shake outside periodically to invigorate freshness into your hide.

The zebra print on this cow skin will add a cool and classy look to your home.  The zebra cowskins are available in cream and white and are priced from just £205 .  Visit our website for more details on our funky zebra print cowskin rugs.



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