Love cowhide but looking for something slightly different than a regular cowhide rug? Why not consider a super-chic and stylish natural patchwork cowhide rug?

Patchwork cowhides are often sewn together using different colours of cowhide using geometrical patterns to create a stunning effect.  The great thing about patchwork cowhides is you will have a little more flexibility over what size your rug will be.  If you just have a small space to fill you can look for a smaller rug, and likewise if you have a huge floor space you can buy an extra large rug to fill that space; the choice is yours.

Patchwork cowhides are also available in a wide variety of shapes; you can buy square rugs, circular rugs and rectangular rugs.

The same benefits of cowhide apply to patchwork cowhide rugs; they are almost maintenance free, easy to care for, extremely durable, and also come up trumps in the style department.  The material of cowhide is hypo-allergenic, and stains simply wipe away; an ideal solution for homes whose family members include children or pets!

Patchwork CowhideCity Cows also offers a custom made patchwork cowhide rug solution for those who may want to fill a larger space, or a space which is a non standard size.

We hand sew all the patchwork cowhides so they are built to last.  To view more of our patchwork cowhides visit our online store, or call one of our friendly sales advisors today who will be happy to assist you in choosing your perfect cowhide.

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