City Cows at Grand Designs London 2012

City Cows at Grand Designs 2012
City Cows at Grand Designs 2012

Grand Designs is one of the best and busiest high-end retail home and gardens show in the UK so it was only natural that City Cows would wish to take the opportunity to exhibit our greatest ever range of cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories to the crowds that have flocked to the week long show. Our founder has just returned from a recent sourcing trip to our tannery in Columbia so we had a wide range of styles , colours and finishes to display. Alex – our trade show salesman in chief ┬áhas only just recovered his breath from a record breaking show at Earl’s Court and he reprised his role as salesman in chief to our best ever stand on the Design Arcade. Children and adults alike couldn’t resist touching and stroking the luxurious cowhide and reindeer skins with a lustrous velvety touch.

In keeping with the tradition of videoing our shows and products so present and future customers alike can see the wide range and quality of the UK’s leading importer and online retailer of cowhide rugs , cowhide accessories, sheepskins and reindeer skins we’ve made a HD video of City Cows @Grand Design 2012. Enjoy !


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