Here at we know everything there is to know about cowhide rugs, and love all the great features and benefits cowhide can bring to your home.  In this fun post we celebrate all things cowhide, and the top five reasons to love it.

The Funky Factor – Nobody can deny the fun and funky factor of cow skin rugs.  The range of colours and markings is simply amazing and everybody will be able to find a colour which is suitable for their home.  Available in every colour imaginable from bright orange to natural tan and white we are sure you will agree with us that cow skins will bring that certain something to your home.

A Family Favourite – Cowhides are certain to be a hit with the whole family and we often have many customers telling us they are loved by all including the family cat or dog.  The durable quality of the cowhide means the hide will last for years as any stains or spills simply wipe away with a damp sponge.  that means the paw prints from your four-legged friends will easily be removed to restore your cow skin rug to it’s former glory.

The Versatile Factor – Looking for a natural interior product which can be used in many different ways?  Besides the obvious uses of using your cow skin as a rug you can put it to multiple other uses around your home including bed and furniture throws, unique one-of -a-kind wall art and of course you may use the cow skin to upholster small items of furniture and cushions.  There are no end of creative uses for using your cowhide rug.

The Long-Lasting Factor – A lot of products used in our homes today are only made to last a short time.   Our cowhide rugs are chromium tanned in the old-fashioned way so will last for years to come.  Cowhide is a robust and rugged material and can take everything that is thrown it’s way.

The Easy Factor – Cowhide is so simple to care for and you only need to put in minimal effort to care for your rug.  The recommended cleaning routine is as simple as shaking the dust and debris outside to maintain freshness and giving it an occasional vacuum with the vacuum extension to keep it in great shape.  Rest assured there are no complicated maintenance or cleaning routines with cowhide.

 We hope you enjoyed reading our five fast facts of why to love cowhide and if you are as passionate as we are about the stuff come pay us a visit at, or call one of our friendly sales advisors today to arrange a viewing in London, 07858 222 841.

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