City Cows - cow hide rugs - Wordle cloud
Wordle - Cow Hide Rugs

We love Wordle at City Cows it is a program that will take a bunch of text – analyse it for significance and create wonderful word pictures representing those words visually. So I though it would be cool to take our Reasons to Buy from City Cows and subject it to a Wordle test – the result is shown above. The words that stand out the most are Cow Hides , Rugs and Selection. Which is just as it should be – for at City Cows we have the UK’s largest selection of affordable , highest quality , chromium tanned cow hide rugs and cow hide accesories. Chromium tanned to last for nearly a lifetime – why not have a look today – there’s never been a better time to buy.

Our massive selection continues also over at our sister site Cow Hide Rugs – just as good as City Cows.

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