Cow hides being prepared for leather tanning
Columbian cow hides being prepared for leather tanning

Here on the City Cows blog we like to bring news and information concerning our highest quality, chromium tanned , South American cow hide rugs and cow hide accessories. So how are they made what is the process that brings the final cow hide product to your home. To help explain the process I’ve just found a lovely little video on You Tube which shows the process of how leather is made from cow hides I hope you enjoy it.

Our leather tanning process over at our Columbian tanneries is very similar to the tanning and leather production processes being shown in the video. Finally as we’ve mentioned before we now have our exclusive Christmas sale on at City Cows making the prices on our already low ‘direct to customer prices’ even lower. As we like to say at City Cows there has never been a better time to buy a cow hide rug for the one you love.



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