cats just love to have fun !

We have noticed that from observing the behaviour of our own cat Felix and from comments of customers that cats just love to paw, sleep and pummel your beloved cow hide rug. The combination of a luxurious natural fur hide and a cat’s innate desire to sleep in comfort come wonderfully together when you purchase a cow hide rug for your home.

The site of your beloved pussy pawing the hide and making its bed is a great and comforting spectacle. Being a hard wearing animal skin your cow hide rug is ideal for your pet as the natural animal skin and fur are designed to protect the cow and the natural pelt combined with our hard wearing chromium tanning process will ensure that your cow hide can take all that little Felix or Fido can do to it.

So when considering buying a contemporary stylish cow hide  don’t just do it for yourself – as good as that will be –  as you know it will set off any style in your room from the traditional lounge to the most contemporary chic urban apartment – but do it for your beloved mog (or dog – all pets seem to love a cow hide!).

Of course if you live in the UK the finest site on the web for buying cow hide rugs or cow hide accessories is City Cows UK or our sister site Cow Hide Rugs UK.

 And don’t forget a cat’s worst enemy is a closed door  !

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