Eco Friendly Cowhide

Cowhide rugs offer a great way to furnish your home as an an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional floor and furniture coverings which are available. 

The idea for cow hide rugs came from the people of the South American countries of Columbia, Argentina and Brazil.  In these countries cows are primarily bred for their meat and during this process the cow skins were usually discarded and forgotten about.

The idea of manufacturing rugs out of these skins was born, and due to the beautiful appearance of them along with the luxurious quality the increased demand and popularity soon became apparent. 

There is a wide diversity of cow breeds in South America which means that there is a massive range of colours and patterns which the cowhides are available in, so everyone’s taste can be catered for with regard to the appearance of the rugs.

The process of manufacturing these cowhides is extremely environmentally friendly in that the pollutants that are given off are far less than during the manufacturing of the majority of other leather products.

It is also the case that cowhide rugs are far longer lasting than any other type of synthetic or even natural fibre rugs so it is evident to see that along with the environmental issues you are getting far more value for your money.

Another attractive advantage of using these rugs is that they are so natural in terms of the treatment they have received before they arrive at cowhide retailers such as City Cows.  A cowhide rug is not treated with any bleaching agents or any type of harmful chemicals.  This is not the case for many of the more traditional rugs and carpets available, so you can see what a natural and attractive alternative a cowhide rug is.

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