Cowhide Rug On Sofa

Here are a few cowhide rug ideas for you that you may or may not have considered, but they make stunning use of these luxurious hides – be warned, once you start to use them in these different ways you won’t be able to stop!

 These rugs make wonderful bed throws, especially during the winter months.  Place one of them on top of your duvet, and due to the size they will easily cover a double bed.  Because of the weight and the texture you will never wake up in the night feeling cold again, and to top it off they look fantastic while setting off the whole look of the bedroom.

 Another great idea is to use one of these Cowhide rugs as a throw over your sofa.   The effect is stunning as illustrated above. 

By using them this way you really do get the added benefit of feeling the unique texture of these cowhides on your skin rather than only under your feet.  If you intend to use them in this way it is always a good idea to hang them outside on a clear day every month to freshen them up.  It really does make a difference and it is all that is really needed.

Cowhide rugs also look great as wall hangings.  The stunning effect will have an impact on any room and if you are looking for a focal point then you won’t be disappointed. 



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