CowhideRug350x248They are stomped on, muddied up and walked all over, but they are one some of the most important aspects in home décor, the floors. The kind of flooring someone chooses can make a huge difference in a room. No one goes into a room with bright orange carpet from the 80’s without a small gasp of surprise and it is no coincidence that rooms with that 80’s carpet do not get as many compliments. That is why, whether they get stomped on or not, floors should be treated like the home décor gems that they truly are.

Two of the most popular and sophisticated styles of flooring are hardwood or stone. These styles can go with a variety of home décors and do not present the same troubles as carpet. But every hard surface floor needs a little frosting, and that is where cowhide rugs come in.

Cowhide rugs are some of the boldest and more popular choices for flooring today. They have been making a large comeback all over the country, including inside the homes of several celebrities. The authentic appearance of quality cow skin creates a sophisticated look that cannot be beat.

It may seem that a cowskin rug would only look right inside a rustic-style home, but that is far from the truth. Cowskin rugs are sold in a variety of styles and flavors. The classic choices tend to include soft browns or the black and white spots, but it does not end there. Styles rang from plain white for a classic, sophisticated décor, all the way to dyed purples or even zebra stripes for a funky urban-style décor. The reason they work so well with hardwood or stone flooring is because they provide a colorful and dramatic focal point against a classic floor.

A cowhide rug not only offers versatility, it is also extremely durable. As stated before, floors get muddied, and no one wants a rug that cannot be stepped on. But cow skin is a hardwearing material that can withstand any step, stomp or scuff that is thrown at it. It is also simple to clean, although it cannot be thrown into the washing machine, a simple cloth with water can clean cow skin without any risk of damage. Another benefit to cowhide rugs are their hypo-allergenic properties. Even if a house is filled with people allergic to animals, cowhide rugs have been designed to fight against it.

Once that old 80’s carpet has been traded in for beautiful hardwood or stone flooring, the next step is to find that frosting. Individuals who want to join the generation’s newest craze need only purchase the perfect cowhide rug for their new home décor, because it is guaranteed to be there waiting.

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