Contemporary home styling with a cow hide rug

Since the dawn of time when man first inhabited the earth animal hides have been a key feature for warmth and protection. Pre-historic man would have made clothing and adorned their caves with animal hides and skins to protect them from the elements. Long before the dawn of weaving and cloth making the animal hide would be the natural choice.

Many American Indians used animal hides to build tepees and wigwams. The Arctic Inuit also used hides to make waterproof clothes and kayaks. The hide was a key part of their civilisation and traded as an essential commodity.

Today cow hide rugs and other animal hides are making a dramatic comeback as the must have home accessory. As a by-product of the meat industry none of our hide rugs at City Cows , hide footstools or  reindeer hides are killed for the hide alone. We should bear in mind these hide products would be thrown away if there a market had not developed. If you can buy leather shoes without guilt then you can also buy a cow hide product.

So whether your home is  21st century ‘chrome and wood chic’ or a more traditional Victorian terrace, a cow hide rug will make a stunning centre piece feature for your home.

Cow hide rugs provide the ultimate in luxurious comfort for your home. These sexy fur rugs are so tactile , they make lounging on the floor, couch or bed a truly delicious experience. So what are you waiting for – at City Cows we have the web’s finest selection of affordable high quality cow hide rugs , reindeer hide rugs , cow hide footstools , coloured cow hide rugs and the stunning hand sewed patchwork quilt cow hides.

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